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How to Buy Backlinks Anonymously

It is well known that backlinks are the gold standard for SEO. There are many strategies for increasing your backlink profile, but it ultimately boils down to convincing high-profile sites to link to you. Many services today will do the outreach on your behalf – choose what sites you want backlinks from, pay the provider, and the backlinks magically appear. Sounds great!

Buying backlinks in this manner is a reliable strategy to improve your SEO, if done carefully. It really is a case of “everyone does it, but nobody talks about it”. The reality is that today, almost all competitive keywords on Google are bought, not earned. Publicly, however, you will not find many businesses owning up to it – in the public eye, buying backlinks is still sometimes seen as “cheating”. If your competitors catch you buying backlinks, for example, they have a new weapon to use to drive negative PR against your business.

Today, almost all competitive keywords on Google are bought, not earned.

This raises the question: how can you buy backlinks anonymously? Is there a way to increase your backlink profile, but do it in a way that provides plausible deniability for you and your marketing team?

The Problem with PayPal

The most common payment method for buying backlinks is PayPal. It is convenient and has safety measures in place to prevent you being scammed. On the other hand, it is also highly regulated, meaning every transaction is tracked and traced to the level of the individual sending the payment. It is impossible to operate a PayPal account with submitting detailed identity documents about yourself and your business, and these are stored forever in connection with the transactions you make. Therefore, if you buy backlinks with PayPal, it is traceable, provable, and (with a little effort from your competitors) public knowledge. You may think this doesn’t matter, but the truth is it can be a major PR liability for your business. We’ve seen it happen, and it hurts.

Buying backlinks with other traditional payment methods (e.g. credit card or wire transfer) has similar problems – there is simply no way to do it anonymously.

Buying with Bitcoin

Thankfully, the recent surge of activity in in cryptocurrencies means there is a better alternative: buy your backlinks with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is pseudonymous, meaning transactions are not tied to any specific identity and you can buy and sell things without any KYC requirements. With a little care, this means you can keep your purchases completely anonymous. This means there is no paper trail connecting you to your backlink marketing spend, and if a competitor every accuses you of buying your way to the top of Google, you have total plausible deniability. As long as care is taken to make your backlinks look organic, this is a strong, reliable SEO strategy. There other advantages in paying bitcoin too, for example minimising your tax bill — which we will cover in another article.


The first difficulty with this strategy is that most providers do not accept Bitcoin, and therefore force you to reveal your identity when buying backlinks. The world of backlink trading is notoriously shady, and finding a reliable supplier is hard enough, let alone one that accepts cryptocurrencies.

If you are using Bitcoin for backlink purchases, trust in your vendor is even more important than usual, because Bitcoin transactions are generally not reversible. If the provider promises a high-quality guest post but delivers only guestbook spam (or even worse, nothing at all) there is not much you can do. Because of this, you should always start with the smallest order possible, build trust in the vendor slowly, and only when you have a history of working together, send larger orders.

There is also the Bitcoin transfer fee to consider. If you want to send bitcoin quickly, you need to include a transfer fee and this can sometimes be quite high depending on the current state of the Bitcoin network. Most other providers such as PayPal, however, also charge similar fees, so it doesn’t make much difference overall.

Let us help you

If you need to rapidly boost your SEO, and want to do so anonymously so that you can plausibly claim all of your traffic is organic, get in touch with our specialist team or visit our shop. We can help you craft the perfect backlink profile in a way that looks natural, and we accept payment in Bitcoin with no requirement to identify yourself.